A Different Way to Make Plans With Your (NOT) TO DO LIST

not to do list

This short clip about (NOT) TO DO LIST probably will save my day (well, so far it did improve my morning). Maybe it can make a difference for your day too. If you want to save time – click right on the video below the whole text, so I don´t waste your time by telling you my personal today´s A-HA moment that follows right below…

This morning I woke up feeling somewhat less excited about my day than how I usually feel. That´s not typical for me. It is a SIGN THAT I AM DOING SOMETHING REALLY WRONG. I really, really don´t like not to feel excited for my day. Actually, I love when I feel MEGA EXCITED for my day, the things I am doing and want to accomplish. Well, clearly enough – it was not the case this morning. (Luckily Michel was in the excited mode for his day, otherwise two cloudy faces would make our place get really gray.)

After telling myself I must figure out what is it that I am doing wrong, I went on with my morning duties. One of them – posting something inspiring or thought provoking right on this blog. So I watched this clip because I had planned to post it for you today. And then it happened. I understood what was wrong with how I felt after waking up.

I realized that in the last few days I wanted to accomplish so much that I had skipped my (otherwise regular) walk along the lake, breathing fresh air, watching the beauty of the nature and allowing myself not-to-do-things for the length of my walk. I can tell you now that today I gonna be out. And then I will also gift myself some time for reading just for the pleasure of reading (and not because it is useful).

Is there something you want to do (and will do!) from your (not) to do list?

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