A very good Story of Stuff

The story of stuff

We buy Stuff. We own Stuff. We get rid of Stuff. AND… Stuff gets produced. Stuff gets sold to us. Stuff owns us. Stuff decreases the quality of our lives and well being.

How about finding out the True Story of Stuff, so we know better and do better. At the end, there is only One Planet we all have and share.

Last weekend this movie helped us to take an honest look at our stuff acquiring and owning habits. It helped us to make some better decisions about how we want to handle stuff from now on. If you would like to know what were our considerations – read on…

  • The Stuff we own. We looked around our home and asked ourselves if having all that stuff was really necessary for our well being. We asked ourselves if we could have done better by having less of it and feeling happy anyway, or even – feeling happier when NOT owning it.
  • The Stuff we want to own. We also thought and talked about the stuff that we still wanted to have. How important, necessary and smart it actually would be to have it? Was there something that we wanted to have because of some old or weird wish that was no longer actual or true? Was the wish to have it truly OURS AT ALL? Did we want to be the people who had such wish?
  • How we buy Stuff. We looked at our shopping habits. When, why and how did we choose to buy the stuff that later did not provide us with that much real value, was not really useful and finally ended up by taking place at our home without serving us in any proper way. In fact – how on Earth did we end up by using our energy and time to serve that stuff – dusting it, giving it place, moving it around home to find a place where it would disturb us less…?!
  • Stuff that troubles others. Oh, and then, when we were done with truly egoistic thoughts of benefits for owning or not owning stuff, we came to that alarming thought of how our stuff acquiring and owning habits were influencing the environment and other people. We were wondering what was our “contribution” to shaping the condition of our only planet Earth that we, our son, sisters, brother, their children, our friends and their children will continue living on…

We figured out that we needed serious improvements. Now we are in the process of changing our attitude to stuff, gaining more understanding about our true wishes and habits, watching our behavior so we can do better and act smarter. And while we are doing it for quite egoistic reasons, we do believe that these changes will have a positive impact that goes beyond our family and our home.

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We invite you to watch this movie above. Who knows, maybe you too will be inspired to make some new decisions for your life. And no matter if you will take action or not – at least you will learn something valuable that will help to think deeper and see further. That is such a big value itself.

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