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We are Laura and Michel Dennler. We started this blog for our friends because we wanted to share inspiration and insights that we have found valuable for our life. We are very glad if you too can profit from them!

Curious to find out something more about us?

Michel works in software field (after having received degree in cultural anthropology: ha-haa!!! What a switch…) and is about to get his second degree in business analysis.

Laura used to work in tourism while studying economics, finance and psychology.

We are passionate advocates for using your own common sense and intuition. We stand for life long learning and constant improving of every person´s own skill to jump (or in bad times – bounce back), better yet – FLY higher than you ever thought possible. Here is why.

By Fire

Shortly after we got married life presented us with a priceless gift – an awful diagnosis that turned out to be our greatest teacher.
(If you want to discuss how it feels to wake up in the middle of another dark night wondering if you are plain crazy and heading towards death (as per warning of 9 doctors) or LIFE by choosing your unconventional medical treatment – then let´s prepare for a loooong chat… How did it end for us? 11 months later results of medical tests confirmed that disease was gone.)

In fact, this quantum-leap-type-of-gift was only one of several priceless gifts that life had for us in its gift basket that we got to unpack during 2 years period. Upon receiving them we never thought that those scary, sad, terrifying and painful things could ever be called: gifts. Little did we know then…
Life was never the same. Life was greater than ever.
We would not trade that experience. We are who we are now because of having gone through all of it. And so are you – YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE BECAUSE OF EVERYTHING YOU WENT THROUGH!

Along the journey we have sharpened our skills of seeing through the illusionary image of experts. We learnt the value of asking life changing questions (mainly to ourselves). We highly recommend obtaining these skills to everybody.

We are parents to our 1 year old son. He entered the world with his bottom first (we still wonder if it says something about his attitude or- his original approach towards life?…)
Our dream for intimate home birth – gone out of the window. Enter the battle for our rights to have a natural birth. We won!
(Oh, if you want to know about the experience of attempts to turn breech baby or about having a natural breech birth – be our guest and just ask!)

During Fire walkingTogether we are instructors of fire walking (and more and crazier things than just fire walking). We bring people through the invisible-but-real ceiling created by their fears and limiting beliefs that keep them away from spreading their wings and flying higher and further than they ever thought possible.
We continuously witness that LIVING IN EXPANDED COMFORT ZONE MEANS LIVING BETTER AND FREER. It also means that you will master your skills to you use your resources that allow you to pick yourself up after another challenging test.

We wish that more people would expand their comfort zones because then everyone will have a happier and more successful life. And we simply can not avoid provoking, inspiring and lighting up their desire to do so.
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  1. You both are the best! That’s for sure. And you know that there is at least one person you already have inspired with your example – me. Thank you for that!

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