Forbidden Truth of Photography

secret of photography

Are we aware how our lives can be influenced by the power of photography and its manipulation? We think that what we see is true. But is it, really? Can it really happen that one is innocent, but sentenced to death and/or imprisoned based on the perception from a photography? And what if a photography gave us a chance to see such things about the world that we would not even think about? Continue reading

Excellent Movie about Being Different and the Crowd

Birds and crowd

This funny animation movie is such an excellent example about the BEHAVIOR OF CROWD and its attitude towards somebody who is different. It is also a great example of an individual BEING DIFFERENT and being completely cool and fine about it… This video is full of valuable insights. It is genius!
When I watched it for the first time I could not help but smile about the fantastic message it carries. I was thinking about having seen it countless times happening in the real life when it was performed by real people.

Continue reading

Funny Way to Discover What´s Important in Starting a Movement

starting a movement

Derek Sivers explains in a funny and very illustrative way what is necessary to start a movement.

In this short video he walks us through the development of people joining in by using the example of dance in public. He explains the importance of each key factor while audience laughs. His main point about what´s crucial was a surprise for us. It made so much sense when we thought about the real events from our lives, when we witnessed how some idea took off and turned into wide spread action. Continue reading

The Role of Brain in Creating Mystery

brain creating mystery

We tend to be superstitious, believe in myths and urban legends. Maybe there is some truth about them. But what if our skill to perceive reality is influenced by the need to survive? Can our brain´s two basic survival skills create tricky situations and make us believe things that are not necessary true? Continue reading