Discoveries of Brain Scientist Who Got to Study Her Own Brain

brain discoveries

This talk by inspiring brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor is about her own brain stroke that took eight years to recover her ability to think (how crazy is that?!), walk and talk. She shares very valuable and interesting insights from this experience.

Be prepared to feel as a witness when Taylor tells about living through the stroke and watching how her important brain functions like motion, speech, memory shut down. It is a combination of funny, inspiring and heart breaking how she tells us about being in and out from what she calls: La-La land. She also speaks about the difference of how our brain´s left and right hemispheres function.

This talk is a truly interesting insight from the brain scientist who got to study her own brain from inside out. I found her creative skills amazing in how she managed the situation while loosing ability to read, talk and and even think.

Rita, thank you for sending us the link to this inspiring talk!

You can also watch this video on TED page. It is especially useful if you need to see the transcript of his speech or get the translation in your language.

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