Excellent Movie about Being Different and the Crowd

Birds and crowd

This funny animation movie is such an excellent example about the BEHAVIOR OF CROWD and its attitude towards somebody who is different. It is also a great example of an individual BEING DIFFERENT and being completely cool and fine about it… This video is full of valuable insights. It is genius!
When I watched it for the first time I could not help but smile about the fantastic message it carries. I was thinking about having seen it countless times happening in the real life when it was performed by real people.

I just love that Big Bird! He (I chose “he” because of his voice, but could be “she” as well), he is just so cool, easy and relaxed about being different. He does not show off. He does not excuse himself for being different. He does not pretend to be somebody else than who he is. He does not withdraw to be different in a lonely place. Nor is he waiting for the crowd to discover him and his genius.

He approaches the crowd in open and friendly way and does not bother for their reaction or behavior.
He lets go when it is time to let go. Without accusing, without behaving or feeling like a victim, without acting as somebody superior (bigger, smarter, cooler). He simply enjoys being himself. And he has fun.

That Big Bird not only inspired me, but also made me think. For good.

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And then my enlightened-Big-Bird-thought was interrupted by another thought. A scary one. A VERY SCARY THOUGHT. I got to think about the times when I have thought, and well, even worse – behaved as one from the nasty crowd… I don´t mind to be part of the crowd. But I certainly do not want to be part of the NASTY CROWD.
The scariest for me was the realization that when I was one from the nasty crowd – most likely I was not even aware of it. I was not aware how my own attitude could have contributed to the behavior of the nasty crowd. And I was not aware that without knowing it I made myself to be the part of the nasty crowd…

No matter how inspiring that Big Bird for me is, I know for sure that I do not want to be part of the nasty crowd – willingly and also without being aware of it. And I want to be aware of my thoughts, attitude and the impact they have on others.

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