Fantastic Talk about True Freedom and the Power of Vision and Belief

true freedom

Caroline Casey has had an incredible journey herself to discover what is real freedom and what is the power of vision and belief. She reveals her own story which can make anyone of us reconsider what we accept as limitations for our own lives. This is an absolutely inspiring talk.

Among many of her achievements Caroline has done an admirable work of putting together a set of best practices for business, so that they would see workers with disabilities as an advantage instead of a disadvantage. Hundreds of companies are using these standards.

In her TED presentation Caroline talks about what is the real freedom. We completely agree with her on her main message that “every single one of us – woman, man, gay, straight, disabled, perfect, normal, whatever – everyone of us must be the very best of ourselves” and that we have to stop with labels and limiting because “we are not jam jars. We are extraordinary, different, wonderful people”.

There is a quote from Dr. Seuss that says it in other words: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

You can also watch this video on TED page. It is especially useful if you need to see the transcript of his speech or get the translation in your language.

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