Forbidden Truth of Photography

secret of photography

Are we aware how our lives can be influenced by the power of photography and its manipulation? We think that what we see is true. But is it, really? Can it really happen that one is innocent, but sentenced to death and/or imprisoned based on the perception from a photography? And what if a photography gave us a chance to see such things about the world that we would not even think about?This video features the work of Taryn Simon who shares two projects with us. Both of them are eye opening to realize the limitations of our thinking and perception. It is shocking how blind we can be even when we see. One project is about the locations that are kept secret from the public (you will be surprised to learn what kind of sites are kept secret!). And the other project is about men who were convicted for crimes they did not commit.

This talk certainly made us think. Not always the things are the way they look… Another reason to educate ourselves and people around us. So we know better. So we do better.

You can also watch this talk on TED.

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