Funny Way to Discover What´s Important in Starting a Movement

starting a movement

Derek Sivers explains in a funny and very illustrative way what is necessary to start a movement.

In this short video he walks us through the development of people joining in by using the example of dance in public. He explains the importance of each key factor while audience laughs. His main point about what´s crucial was a surprise for us. It made so much sense when we thought about the real events from our lives, when we witnessed how some idea took off and turned into wide spread action.You don´t need to be interested in starting a movement yourself so you have a motivation to watch this video. You only need to be curious about how we, humans, function and what motivates us. This talk will surely make you smile 🙂

You can also watch this video on TED page. It is especially useful if you need to see the transcript of his speech or get the translation in your language.

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