Great Lessons from the Magical Journey of Breaking the World Record

Principles of Magic

This excellent speech demonstrates the real meaning of DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE and BREAKING LIMITATIONS. Magician and stuntman David Blaine tells his real story about what it took him to break the world record and hold his breath underwater for 17 minutes. It became the most amazing journey of his life. And there is a lot for us to learn and apply to our own life.

What strikes us are Blaine´s words about what magic (or shall we say: “The Work”?) means to him:

“It´s practice, it´s training and experimenting, while pushing through the pain TO BE THE BEST THAT I CAN BE.”

This approach taken seriously is something that works for any one of us, no matter what it is that we aim for.

How different the life can become when we keep searching, researching, doing, changing, adapting, exploring, experimenting, standing up again and again, and never, never, never giving up.

You can also watch this talk on TED.

David Blaine is a master of endurance. With Buried Alive, he was entombed underground for seven days in a transparent plastic coffin, visible to pedestrians above. With Frozen in Time, he was encased in a block of ice for almost three days. When doing Vertigo, he stood on top of a 30-meter pillar for 35 hours. And these are only few of his adventures.

Below video includes some images of his incredible journey.

YouTube Preview Image
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