How to Buy Happiness with Money

buy  happiness with money

WHAT?! Buy happiness with money?! How disgusting and sick is that?! It is well known that happiness can´t be bought with money…” Are these the words that were floating in your mind when you read the title of this article? Or did you think something like: “Yeah, yeah, what else – buy happiness with money… So, where´s the catch of this weird statement?”

In this is 11 minutes long video Michael Norton shares the results of surprising research on how one can, indeed, buy happiness with money. And you don´t need to be rich to be able to buy (enough) happiness.

The most important condition – you don´t spend that money on yourself…

So, did we just gain or lost your interest with uncovering the main principle? 🙂

Anyway, as for us – the facts, that Norton states in this talk, make perfect sense to us. We have seen it working in reality over and over again. He shares few really good ideas that you can immediately adapt for own life and the life of people who surround you – for example your colleagues.

You can also watch this talk on TED and see the transcript of it if needed.

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