How To Survive Priceless Lesson

priceless lessons high five
Have you ever been given the priceless lesson? That kind of gift when life gives you high five. In the face. With a brick.
You are in pain. You are shocked. You are down, lost and do not know how to go on. You wonder if you should go on at all. You even question yourself if you did right when you dared to move into direction of your dreams.

You see, I know what I am talking about. It was my face from which I peeled off that high-five-brick. When I recovered from the first shock, I searched for the solution how to deal with the pain and looked for strength to get up and to go on.

This was my ACTION PLAN. Maybe it helps you too…

1) GET THE FIRST HELP. Watch this video that somebody has made as a compilation of photos and videos to inspire the person who needed prosthetic. You do not need prosthetic. Still – watch the video. It helps to put into perspective the pain and shock from that lesson that you got in your face. Different perspective does help. I know it does. Watch the video! All of it.

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2) MAKE YOUR CHOICE ABOUT HOW TO SPEND YOUR ENERGY. If you like it or not – you will need to make your choice. Choice about how to spend your energy. Whether you will spend your energy on suffering from what happened to you or you will spend it to do all you can to recover from pain.

You wonder – what´s the difference between pain and suffering? Pain is unavoidable. Suffering is optional. Repeat it to yourself until you get the message.

3) REACH OUT FOR HELP TO PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND AND SUPPORT YOU. There will be people who will say that you deserved what happened to you. There will be people who will not care. There will be people who will say they want to help, but once you approach them for help, they will be too busy, too poor, too far, too involved, too upset with you or too-whatever-else and, most likely, will not help you.
Don´t allow the bad experience with some people to make you withdraw into your shell. Avoid living in the illusion that you will figure all out by yourself. It is dangerous and big risk. You risk to end up being in a suffering mode and loosing your energy there. You risk to lose way too much time and opportunities by being in that contra productive state.

When you get to people who understand your pain, who reach out and help you – then you are among the luckiest people in the world. Don´t take it for granted. It´s a blessing.

Remember – you can always count on our support. Just let us know you need it.

4) UNDERSTAND THAT IT WILL TAKE TIME UNTIL YOU ARE WELL AGAIN. It will take time to recover from the shock that shattered your mind and soul. It will take time to figure out how to transform this pain into power. It will take guts and willpower to direct your energy for true recovery and positive transformation. You do it by making the right choice. Choose it again. And again.
Be smart and do not waste your energy on suffering and feeling sorry for yourself. You need all your energy so you can pick yourself up and get going. Not away. But towards your dream.

I pray that you manage to transform your pain into power that can serve you well. I pray that you manage to transform your pain into strength that helps not only you, but also many others around you. Your action and faith will inspire them. I pray that your beloved people, too, grow stronger and wiser together with you. I pray that one day you can wholeheartedly celebrate this priceless lesson that you just received from life. High five. In the face. With a brick.

I will frame it. My priceless lesson. And I will continue to do my best to transform the pain into power that will make me stronger and will also serve others. If you care to pray that I manage, then be sure – I know how lucky and blessed I am. Because you care. And because high five, in the face, with a brick is a priceless lesson.

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