If Shyness Was an Alive (Home)Pet

Shyness animals

Good morning Friends!

It´s Friday! Isn´t it Ah! So! Great!?! It certainly is so here by us! 🙂 We hope you had a productive working week and look forward to enjoying your weekend! Wanna have more fun? Read our crazy offer BELOW the video…

By the way – if you do not look wholeheartedly forward to ENJOYING your weekend – send us the message about it (laura(dot)dennler(at)gmail(dot)com) and we will make our our brains and hearts work actively, so that you can feel how much we care about you. We truly do! This might be a case of activating the MAGIC that makes disappear that distance (of tens, hundreds or thousands) of kilometers that separate us physically. All you need to do is to simply let us know how you feel. Remember – we care about you!

A fact of this day being Friday asks for enjoying something pleasant. We believe this wonderful and sweet short animation movie is exactly that. It is a story about a lady dealing with her shyness that has taken on a very physical shape and character. The story is in French, but it has subtitles in English. Anyway – it is very little talking, but lots of action in dealing with that home pet… 😉

In fact, for some of us it might be some other challenging quality that we deal with. And thus – probably a different pet too… If we become aware of our unusual home pets – maybe we could easier figure out how to deal with them, so that our lives together with those funny beings get better and more fun.

You know that Michel and I are the kind of people that just LOVE EXPLORING, LEARNING and HAVING FUN. We invite you to join us in adventurous exploration.

Here is how it works. Let´s become aware of the individual issue that bugs each one of us (like – anger, fear, sadness, jealousy etc) right now and allow ourselves to see it as (unusual) animal or whatever-else-creature with whom we share our space.

If even just one person joins us in this adventure – we are going to tell you about our secret creatures that showed themselves to us. If there are more people joining in then it might turn out to be quite a party… Certainly – a funny adventure of learning more about ourselves and seeing that all of us deal with some kind of issue. None of us is alone in this. Are you ready to party?

Ok, watch that funny story again. And again if necessary. And allow your funny home pet show itself to you… Let the fun begin!

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