Incredible mastery of balance and fear

mastery of balance and fear

Faith Dickey is a Master of balance and controlling her fear. Last year she walked on the rope strung between two trucks that were driving on the highway at 80 miles (129 km) per hour. She had to cross the rope before the trucks entered tunnels separated by wall that broke the rope.YouTube Preview Image

Faith is 23 years old. She holds female world record in longlining and highlining. There is a short interview where she talks about her passion and drive.

The stunt with crossing the rope between two trucks is a great example of mastery. Not only the incredible skill and work of Faith, but also the mastery of stunt team and – the skills and mastery of both truck drivers. This short video shows one of the drivers: Jens Karlsson.

YouTube Preview Image

And here is an article that attempts to explain the daring stunt.

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