Nine Valuable Life Lessons from Veteran Rock Climber

9 lessons from climbingThe useful Nine Life Lessons are given by a veteran rock climber Matthew Childs. His tips are important for successful rock climbing, and are true for the successful life on the flat ground as well. These lessons are applicable for work and for private life. They are valuable lessons to keep in mind no matter what it is that you do and want to succeed at.

Each lesson has a useful wisdom in it. See for yourself which one makes the most sense for you.
Would you guess which one is our favorite? If you know us, then you probably guessed right – number Six. The FEAR.

Michel and I regularly witness different situations when people get to face their fears and learn to deal with them in a positive manner.
Well, it kind of belongs to our journey of being fire walking instructors and helping people to master their skills to overcome their fears that otherwise would hold them back from achieving their goals and living the life they desire.
We often get to see the fantastic transformation that happens with people when they learn to deal with the fear in a productive way. The lesson can be summarized with these bullet points:

  • acknowledge the fear,
  • understand it,
  • extract the lesson from it,
  • implement the lesson,
  • then put the fear aside, refusing this crazy emotion to have the control on your decisions, and avoiding its devastating influence on your action,
  • go ahead and do what you need and want to do!

MASTERY OF FEAR is the key to get where you want to get. Mastery of fear is something that everybody, truly – EVERYBODY can and also must learn so that this world becomes a better place for all of us to live in.
Sure – this theory is just that – a knowledge. It is a completely different thing to apply the knowledge in real life.
That´s where fire walking is of big and impressive help. Just as rock climbing. Or any other activity or process that requires to face your fears.

Anyway, back to rock climbing and its valuable nine life lessons – watch the talk!
And watch that your fear does get hold on you 😉

You can also watch this talk on TED.

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