3 Keys to Happiness and 1 Danger

3 keys to happiness
Ancient greek philosopher Epicurus (341-240 BC) explained what are the 3 valuable keys to happiness – they are as important these days as they were during his lifetime.

He also described one serious danger for our chance to be happy – advertising. He did it more than two thousand years ago… Continue reading

What is the Hidden Power of a Smile?

hidden power of smile

Did you know that one smile can give you the same level of brain stimulation as eating couple of thousands of chocolate bars? Eating so much chocolate would put in a danger your health, while smiling not only stimulates your brain, but also makes you healthier and increases your chances to live longer.

And when you smile – you look better and more competent in the eyes of others. Continue reading

Dangerous Traps of Modern Society

dangerous traps

Living in a modern society gives us plenty of opportunities that previous generations could only dream about. It also gives us more opportunities than ever before to be unhappy when we get caught in the nasty traps created by our interpretation of success.

When you watch this talk you will discover truly valuable insights of why we- modern people feel unhappy. Continue reading

Absurd Excuses for Wasting Life

Absurd excuses to wasting life

Do you want to know the absurd excuses why people (that is – me and you too) are settling for less than a great career? This is a chance to find out how a small difference actually makes a HUGE difference in our lives and in the lives of people who matter to us – it´s the difference between GOOD and GREAT, between INTEREST and PASSION. Continue reading

What is the Deepest Fear?

deepest fear

There are so many ways how to look at the Fear. There is a great description of the Deepest Fear in this quote from the book “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson (the spacing between lines and accented font is added by me). Isn´t it a wonderful perspective of how one can see fear?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Continue reading

Getting to Cirque Du Soleil

cirque du soleil

It´s Friday – it means there is more time to see something inspiring and thought provoking! We believe this video is exactly that.

It is a documentary movie about the selection and training process of performers for the World´s Greatest Mastery Circus: Cirque Du Soleil. This documentary follows their quest for scouting and developing the best talents from around the globe. Continue reading

Secret for Long Life and Flexible Body

secret for long life

This inspiring video that shows how Maia Helles, 95 year young lady, does her daily exercise routine, was the reason why I managed to do my morning workout today.

When I was watching the film, it was not the exercise program that captivated my attention. It was the energy, flexibility and attitude of Ms. Helles. Watching her got me thinking: “I want to be able to move like that”. If she can do it at the age of 95, how do I dare not to take care of myself right now? Continue reading

Funny Way to Discover What´s Important in Starting a Movement

starting a movement

Derek Sivers explains in a funny and very illustrative way what is necessary to start a movement.

In this short video he walks us through the development of people joining in by using the example of dance in public. He explains the importance of each key factor while audience laughs. His main point about what´s crucial was a surprise for us. It made so much sense when we thought about the real events from our lives, when we witnessed how some idea took off and turned into wide spread action. Continue reading

The Importance of Curiosity and Imagination.

importance of curiosity

James Cameron is not only the director of movies Avatar and Titanic, but also the person with always present curiosity and imagination without boundaries.

In this talk he speaks about the important principles of success – curiosity, imagination and respect. My favorite part of his speech is about the attitude to failure and fear.

Continue reading

The Role of Brain in Creating Mystery

brain creating mystery

We tend to be superstitious, believe in myths and urban legends. Maybe there is some truth about them. But what if our skill to perceive reality is influenced by the need to survive? Can our brain´s two basic survival skills create tricky situations and make us believe things that are not necessary true? Continue reading

29 ways to keep up Creativity

29 ways to keep up creativity

Creativity is for everybody. Not only for the people who are involved in professions that are usually perceived as creative. Creativity is a part of life for all of us: housewives, technicians, students, presidents, nurses, accountants, teachers, drivers, divers, mothers, fathers,… . Even just a spark of creativity can change the whole experience of our regular day and usual task. Continue reading

The Power of Stories

power of storries

Giles Duley was a photographer of fashion world and celebrities, but then he changed his focus. He used his camera to document the stories that had not been told. They were not easy stories. They were uncomfortable. Real.

Last year during his assignment in Afghanistan he stepped on a landmine. He continues telling stories. And he has become a powerful story himself.

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Beauty of this funny place called LIFE


Are you a daughter? Do you you know somebody who is a daughter?

Sarah Key´s poem “For my daughter” that she performed in March 2011 on TED was met with standing ovations and has been viewed millions of times. The above title “Beauty of this funny place called LIFE” is a quote from her poem.

Watch this performance – it will certainly enrich your day, no matter what is your gender. You might start to see the world and yourself differently and understand something about the world and yourself a little bit better. It will add beauty to your day.

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