Secret for Long Life and Flexible Body

secret for long life

This inspiring video that shows how Maia Helles, 95 year young lady, does her daily exercise routine, was the reason why I managed to do my morning workout today.

When I was watching the film, it was not the exercise program that captivated my attention. It was the energy, flexibility and attitude of Ms. Helles. Watching her got me thinking: “I want to be able to move like that”. If she can do it at the age of 95, how do I dare not to take care of myself right now?I will tell you a secret – this morning it was very difficult for me to motivate myself for my  yoga workout. Having a 6 months old baby gives me plenty of excuses to justify not exercising: “I did not get enough sleep”, or “He is about to wake up, I better settle some other work meanwhile”, or “I´ll exercise later today” (yeah, right… Why do I call it “later”, when I actually do “certainly not today”…?).

Ms Helles used to be a ballerina. She perfected her daily exercise routine together with her mother – more than 60 years ago. It was the time when exercise classes as such did not even exist…

In this short video she also reveals her secrets for long life. Watch it yourself to find out what those are.

While I was so inspired by the fitness state of Maia Helles, I stumbled upon another video featuring 92 years young yoga master Ms Tao Porchon Lynch. Watch it and get even more inspired!

What I love the most about both videos is the attitude to life that both ladies have. They are fascinating! And deeply, fabulously inspiring.

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