Shocking Truth about Drug Research that We Need to Know

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Let´s start this new week by educating ourselves about something very important that our lives and well being may depend on at some point in our lives – the dangers of the drugs that doctors prescribe to us and our children.

When we watched this talk by Ben Goldacre (he works as an academic in epidemiology) we were shocked about the terrifying truth of how misleading and dangerous is the information that doctors follow when they make their decisions about drug prescriptions.

This is an important issue that all of us need to be educated about. After you have watched it yourself – please, share it with people you care about. The more people will know about it, the bigger is the chance that this crazy pharmaceutical-medical system will get improved and we will receive more correct information from doctors – people whom we trust our health and life. Share this talk, so more people can learn to ask better questions and search more correct information before they decide if to swallow those prescribed pills.

Ben Goldacre has a new, very courageous and shocking book “Bad Pharma” where he shows readers how drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients. Here you can read an excerpt from this book to get an idea of how serious is this messy issue that our health depends on.

You can also watch this talk on TED and see the transcript of it.

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