Isn´t It Shocking How Ladies See Themselves?

How Lady Sees HerselfWhen I watched this video couple of weeks ago – it shocked me. I thought about this insane female attitude – why we, ladies, are so tough with ourselves while meanwhile we can be so nice to other ladies?

When I shared this video with Michel – he too got thinking. He said that ladies must be spending so much energy on not only rejecting to see their own beauty, but also convincing themselves of being pure ugly. He said we must be wasting so much energy on this depressing activity. It´s no wonder if we struggle to feel great – often there is simply not enough energy left to feel great, so we settle for feeling good (or less than good).

Guess, how I came across this video?! A very strong and smart guy, my friend, shared it with me. Thank you for caring! This too got me thinking. And also – changing my attitude so I stop being unfair with myself and stop wasting my energy on this activity.

Watch this video yourself and see what thoughts and actions it inspires in you…

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