The Impact of Movies to Real Man and Real Lady.

What we learn from movies

Do you know what is Bechdel test? We didn´t. And we are happy we got to know what it is that this test measures. If you are a person who watches movies (even if it is just one movie a year) – we suggest that you too learn about Bechdel test from this great, thought provoking video.

You will learn more than that. This talk might get you thinking deeper (that´s what happened with us) and from now on seeing movies somewhat differently. More than just movies.

Colin Stokes makes his point about the subject of: who-is-a-real-man. He has excellent illustration for what it is that we are learning from movies. And – what it is that we are failing to learn. It may very well happen that from now on each movie that you watch will make you remember something from this great talk.

You can also watch this talk on TED.

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