The Importance of Open Mind Not Only for Swimming on Everest


We have not been to Himalayas yet. But, since seeing the wonders of nature has high priority on our want-to-do-list, I am pretty sure we will be there one day. Meanwhile, we are fortunate to enjoy being up in Swiss mountains. Unfortunately global warming melts their glaciers too. This picture is from our hike on the impressive glacier that is the beginning of Rhone river. 


What determines how well you manage to live the life you want to live? People´s replies to this question are as different as the nature on our beautiful planet Earth. One is for sure – whatever the reply, it mirrors the person´s approach and the relationship to the world, life, oneself. In other words – it shows The MINDSET of the person. Using own mindset is the secret to making the best of own life whatever the circumstances or conditions.

Lewis Pugh illustrates this point in his talk about how he swam in the lake on Everest which is 5300 meters above the sea level. It is the height where no human, or any other living being, including fish, has ever swam. How did he do it? By questioning what kind of mindset would help him to do it. And the answer to this question was impressive.

This man is doing extraordinary things for a great cause. And all of us are able to profit from the lessons that he shares with us. Well – we can profit if we keep our ears, eyes, minds and hearts open. As we know from our experience – it takes constant reminding to ourselves to stay open. It is one of the important reasons why Michel and I regularly watch such inspiring videos ourselves and are happy to share them with you. You see, we are very selfish and think that maybe when we meet with you or exchange e-mails, then it is possible that you would share with us something that inspired you in one of these mind opening videos, and then it would again serve us as another useful reminder to KEEP OUR MINDS, HEARTS, EYES AND EARS OPEN.


You can also watch this talk on TED.

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