The Value of Priceless Gift

Priceless GiftWith Christmas time approaching, it is a good moment to think about the GIFTS each one of us has received at some point in life – gifts that are life changing and priceless. In fact, these gifts have nothing to do with Christmas. And still – now is a very good time to think about these gifts. This changes the perception about life and what´s valuable.
Stacey Kramer shares her priceless gift story. Her 3 minute talk gives a chance to think and see things differently. FOR GOOD.

Couple of days ago, we were counting our priceless gifts that we had received during the last 3 years. Well, there were quite some. All of them have had a strong impact on our life and made it to be the way it is now – better than it would have been otherwise. All of those gifts have turned out to be priceless blessings. Well, that´s what we see now, when looking back. Needless to say, we could not see the value of those gifts when they landed in our hands…

There is a beautiful saying that describes the point:

When God wants to give you a GIFT, He wraps it in a PROBLEM.

Would you count your priceless gifts now? It will be a valuably spent time. Guaranteed.

You can also watch this talk on TED.

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