Valuable Story of Electronics

Electronics and Better World
If you read these words, it means you are using some kind of electronic device. Most probably it is a computer, maybe a smart phone. These are just two types of electronics that we use daily. When did you buy your last new electronic gadget? What happened to the last one you got rid of? What will happen to this new-one when you get rid of it? And what will happen after that? Guess what?! The story does not end there…

Well, the story also does not start there, in the shop (real or virtual one). And both ends of that electronics story (the beginning and the end) influence the quality of our life. Today. And After Today. In fact – Every Day. It is a good reason to watch this less-than-8-minutes movie that tells the Story of Electronics. Something (valuable) to think about… And share with like-minded people.

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