When Obstacles Become the Inspiration for the Life Beyond Limits

Living Beyond Limits

Laura sprinting down the mountain on the 1st of January – beautiful winter day when snow was covered with a crust. She said she felt like she was flying and free (I guess – free from the fear of crushing…)

This is a powerful story of what difference it makes when we ACCEPT THE REALITY, but NOT THE LIMITATIONS. It is a living example of a REAL person LIVING BEYOND LIMITS and drawing INSPIRATION FROM OBSTACLES in her life. It is a truly inspiring story that provokes action. (The type of story that is highly appreciated here, at our place)

Amy Purdy became a pro snowboarded AFTER she lost both her legs below the knee. Her amazing transformation did not happen overnight. It was a journey through depression and overcoming very real limitations. Currently she is not only a world champion female adaptive snowboarder, but is also actively involved in her work at Adaptive Action Sports, a non-profit that she co-founded to introduce people with physical challenges to action sports.

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