Why always to be dressed for the Party?


Is it so that Friday Night is Party Night?! 🙂 Or it does not really matter when is the party? Anyway – the craziness and humor are a perfect fit for discussing such subject. And there is a perfect man to give us a great dose of both. Meet: Steve Edge. Eccentric. Designer. Dyslexic (never read a book). And self described madman. He can teach us some valuable things. Also between lines. If we are ready to learn…

A person who is truly Himself. (In a way – just like this wonderful hero from the animation movie that we shared with you last week.)

Mr. Edge shares with us quite some thought provoking stories from his life. And keeps being himself. Some of his behavior might seem eccentric to somebody. Well, we don´t think that he cares about being eccentric. The whole point remains about BEING YOURSELF. There is certainly something to learn from him. Find out yourself what´s your inspiration from this talk!

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