Why We Get Angry and What to Do About It

why we get angry

People usually think that anger is the emotion over which they have very little control or none at all. People who are angry rather often may say that anger is part of their character and they can not do anything about it. Some people will say that anger can also be positive emotion if one uses it for good purpose. It might be true. But here we speak about more usual type of anger that brings destruction and trouble.

Roman philosopher Seneca had a serious reason to research this emotion. (You will find out his reason when you watch the video below.) He came up with the explanation about the origins of human anger. Luckily for us, he also gave valuable insights about how to avoid getting angry or at least lessen the chances to get angry or disappointed.

Alain De Botton has done a wonderful work to explain the subject of anger from Seneca´s point of view. He also tells an interesting story about this great philosopher. The time you will use to watch this movie will be well spent.

My own anger issue….

After watching this video, life gave me quite some opportunities to observe myself getting angry. To my surprise I discovered that Seneca´s observations and suggestions have been very correct. At least, in my (many) case(s).

I wish I could say that I am healed from the disease of anger. Unfortunately I am not. And I assume it will take a lot of practice for me to avoid the destructive nature of this emotion. However, since I learnt about the teaching of Seneca, it was easier for me to notice when I was getting angry, understand the reasons for it and then change my behavior and attitude so I could live in a state of more productive and enjoyable emotions.

I still get angry here and there, but now it happens more rare and it takes considerably less time to calm down. I am motivated to continue implementing this knowledge in my daily life and change my relationship with anger.

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